“I look for the accident, I read the signs, or try to read them. I can’t read them all, so sometimes I give them a meaning of my own. The accidents of light are particularly talkative, so are maps, memories, densities that vary, edges between different conditions.
Paint, pencil, other techniques take on the task of transcription of the signs I have seen and impressed in my memory, for others to read.
But they are an undisciplined lot. Sometimes they add to the story, and sometimes they change it altogether. Then again does it matter?”

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Artist Biography

Born in 1965, graduated from the Architectural Association (London) in 1991 and the University of Montreal in 2005.
Currently lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.

Presently involved in an exploration of the forest, “and that includes the forest within”, Victor begins by “caressing” the sign with minimum personal input. A preliminary process of observation and cross-domestication carried out with photography first, then oil pastels on carton. At this stage the untouched support is often black, like the shade into which light and colour have irrupted. Other mediums may intervene later on, taking the terms of exchange between the two protagonists, the painter and his subject, to another level of involvement.

• Cheriff Tabet Gallery – Group exhibition – Beirut, 2019
• Eklekta Gallery – Beirut, 2015
• Joanna Seikali Gallery – Group exhibition – Beirut, 2012
• XXXIst Salon d’automne – Group exhibition curated by Sursock Museum – Beirut Exhibition Center, 2012
• XXXth Salon d’automne – Group exhibition curated by Sursock Museum – Beirut Exhibition Center, 2010-2011
• Diaspora Art Exhibition – Group exhibition – The Dome, Beirut Downtown District, 2010
• Quelqu’un – Stage design for a play (by Nadine Mokdessi) – Beirut, 2009
• Vita Brevis – Stage design for a multimedia performance (choreography by Nadine Sures) – Montreal, 2007

Galerie Cheriff Tabet

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