“The Minor Third”

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Artist Biography

Andrew Iacobucci was born and currently works in Rome, where he graduated in 2013 in Architecture. His thesis was a research on composition both in music and architecture. The theme is variation in rhythm and how it articulates a series of elements both in music and in images. This research on music and architecture continued in his artistic work, through a first phase of large paintings, done in Beijing in 2014, where large masses of black paint fill the canvas with deep sounds. It then developed with a series on paper: a quick fire of thin lines (sometimes with ink, sometimes with paper cuts) inspired by the mathematical and aggregative compositions of Steve Reich. The latest works are focused on a new kind of code: the one of the street-based paints and colours and how they are interpreted. As with music and its set of codes (notes, pauses and lines) so there is a code on the street, a proper language. This language is translated and articulated in a series of large paintings where the traces done with a specific instrument (the striper, used for road signs) is able to constrain and enlarges, at the same time, the exploration of the trace.

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